MTV Splitsvilla season 13 Winner (X3) Episode 31: The Grand Finale of the show, Here’s all you need to know about the finalists, challenge and the winners


Splitsvilla season 13 (X3): The show hosted by the powerful duo, Ranvijay Singha and Sunny has gained much love and appreciation from the audience all around. Finally, the show has come to an end with its power packed grand finale.

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In the previous episode, In the semi finale task, Shivam and Pallak became the first couple to enter the grand finale after nailing the challenge and in the round two of the challenge, Jay and Aditi won and joined their friends Shivam and Pallak in the Grand Finale of Splitsvilla X3.

Splitsvilla 13 on October 2 – Grand Finale

Finalists of Splitsvilla X3

At the beginning the show, the hosts told the contestants about cupid’s two arrows, Silver and Golden. In the finale challenge, there were 2 connections, a Silver connection, which was a connection of friendship between Shivam and Pallak and a Golden connection which was a connection of love between Jay and Aditi.

The final challenge was between Jay-Aditi VS Shivam-Pallak

“Love Conquers” Challenge Updates

It was an intriguing challenge with a great concept involved in it. In the final challenge of the season, there were 3 stages. The boys had to lift the girls on their back and crawl through an area to show them the Kingdom, then they had to climb up with their girls. In the second stage, they had to cross an area together without watching each other which would test their coordination. There was a wall between them and they had to cross the area by making steps with the help of a rod. After crossing the area, they had to cross a bridge.

In the third stage, there was a treasure chest which had fairy wings and a weapon in it. The girl had to wear the wings and take the weapon and jump down to cut the wings of the dark angel. Bhoomika became the dark angel for Jay and Aditi and Sapna became the dark angel for Shivam and Pallak.

The dark angels had a shield to defend themselves and protect their wings but the girls had to cut their wings. After, cutting their wings, the couple had to run towards the heart and smash in the arrows which would end the challenge. It was a time-based challenge.

Sapna nailed her role as the Dark Angel

Jay and Aditi become the winners Splitsvilla X3

After sticking with each other since the day one, the Boombam group has proved their friendship and have experienced all the ups and downs together on the show. From all the fights and emotional outbursts to all the happy friendship moments, they have been by each others’ side throughout the journey. Their friendship line “Teen ki yaari, sab pe bhaari” has been proven right as both the finalist couples were from their group. They had no regrets as all they wanted was one of them to lift the winners trophy.

Jay and Aditi were together since the start and they also became the second ideal match of the season. They were the first ideal couple of the Boombam group. Their bond has grown beautifully throughout their journey and they have also given their best in the challenges. They desreved to win. Their performance in the final challenge was commendable as it was full of understanding and coordination between the two. After, all the hard work we have got the deserving winners of Splitsvilla season 13.

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