Rakhi Sawant’s husband, Ritesh calls Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash’s relationship “fake”, Shefali Bagga tweets in support of #TejRan

Karan Kundrra

Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash have entered the Bigg Boss house as individual contestants and did not know each other personally. They became good friends and both started spending time with each other, became a support for one another and eventually with all the weeks passing by, both developed feelings towards each other. They are always seen together, be it tasks, doing conversations, making strategies and having their lovey-dovey moments. They look cute as a couple and have romantic feelings and emotions for each other.

However, Rakhi Sawant and her husband Ritesh questioned their relationship and called it “Fake.” It offended both of them and a massive argument broke out between Karan Kundrra and Ritesh when Karan confronted him about his relationship with his wife, Rakhi.

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Is Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash’s relationship fake in the Bigg Boss 15 house?

Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash are always standing with each other without thinking about the game. They are not bothered about their game, rather, they are seen spending time with each other inside the house. In a recent Weekend episode, Ritesh questioned their loyalty towards each other and called their “love” fake. He said, “I think your relationship is fake and you are just together to move ahead in the show” to which Tejasswi replied, “This is very offensive as my parents did not teach me to fake a relationship with someone for my selfish motive.” Both Karan and Tejasswi got extremely offended with his statements.

Later, when Karan Kundrra blasted out his anger and questioned Ritesh about his marriage, he asked him that where was he since the past two years when his wife was taking his name on the show. This offended Ritesh as he thought this to be a personal matter and lost his cool, he lashed out at Karan and they got into an ugly spat.

Ex Bigg Boss contestant, Shefali Bagga also shows her support to TejRan and puts out her opinion about their relationship, saying that it is not fake at all. Other viewers also come in support and defend the couple.

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