BTS Indian Armys “Desimys” Win BTS Streaming Battle

BTS Indian Armys "Desimys" Win BTS Streaming Battle

It’s no lie that Indian Armys are a force to be reckoned with. The ever-growing BTS Indian fanbase keeps breaking records and defying expectations all the time. From having a few thousand fans in major cities and the northeastern states to more than 11 million fans in October 2020, BTS has once again proved their music has no boundaries and doesn’t always have to be understood to be appreciated. Although, their lyrics are brilliant and deserve to be read and dissected too.

Over the years, the Indian army ( desimys ) have regularly participated in streaming battles, many of them among other Asian countries such as Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc. Another such battle was initiated a day ago on Twitter. These battles are hosted by official fanbase accounts and these friendly competitions have two goals: to increase streaming and album sales, as a way to practice for new comebacks, and also show support.


BTS has released 3 movies in India, and the first one was supposed to be screened only in a few major cities but due to very popular demand, it was then streamed in over 45 cities, with the tickets selling out on the websites within minutes of availability. Indian army went to the cinema halls hours before the movie, distributed free BTS merchandise, called out the BTS name chant, and even sang Korean songs sometimes.

BTS army in Tamil Nadu
BTS army in Tamil Nadu, BRING THE SOUL movie screening

Other Notable Things Indian Armys Have Done –

During the first few days after their hit song DYNAMITE’s release, 8 million YouTube likes were recorded from India. Another surprising yet amazing thing about the Indian Army is that they regularly collaborate with other BTS fanbases and organize charity/donations for people or places that need it. During the Assam floods, the Indian army collected a huge sum of money and donated all of it towards Assam’s relief. Similarly, all BTS fanbases from all over the world regularly donate huge amounts of money to people/organizations/tragedy struck places who need it.

In the recent streaming battle, India came first place, and Sri Lanka came second. Indian army celebrated during and after the battle, trended several hashtags, and discussed future initiatives. Desimys had also created special Spotify, shazam and youtube playlists for this battle, including all of BTS’s recent releases and albums, including collaboration songs such as Savage Love.

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