Euphoria: Fans of ‘Euphoria’ are hoping for an Emmy nomination for Sydney Sweeney

euphoria Sydney sweeney

Euphoria earned Zendaya an Emmy nomination. Is Sydney Sweeney the next to go? Following Sunday’s anxiety attack of an episode, in which her character, Cassie, becomes worryingly inebriated and ends up puking in a hot tub, Vanity Fair labeled her “the season’s acting MVP.” It was a fantastic performance, albeit not the most enjoyable to shoot. Is Sydney going to win an Emmy this year? Read on to know.

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What is Euphoria about?

The HBO Max drama has pulled its fans into uncontrollable party scenes and stunned adults with a series of young actors who always appear to make the worst mistakes. It centers on a group of high school buddies, each with their own problems with drug misuse, drinking, and sex.

Since the first season began in 2019, the show has grown in popularity, and fans have been eagerly anticipating the continuation of the plot. Zendaya, Hunter Schafer, Alexa Demie, Sydney Sweeney, Barbie Ferreira, Jacob Elordi, Angus Cloud, and Maude Apatow are among the cast members.

Sydney Sweeney In Euphoria

Sydney Sweeney plays the role of a teenager called Cassie Howard, who has got it hard. Season two focused more on Cassie’s character and her decisions. She has a resume that includes ‘The Handmaid’s Tale,’ ‘The White Lotus,’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ and she will star in the next film ‘National Anthem.’ Not only that, but the American actress will also star alongside Dakota Johnson in the Sony-Marvel feature “Madame Web.”

Will Sydney Sweeney win at the Emmys?

Sweeney recently did an interview in which she voiced her dissatisfaction with the lack of recognition she receives as a result of her nudity on television. “I’m really proud of my work in Euphoria. It was a fantastic performance, in my opinion. However, no one mentions it because I was naked”, she said. However, the Emmys would be hard-pressed to overlook her now, whether for ‘Euphoria’ or ‘The White Lotus’ (she is so good and so scary). Or at the very least, get her a role on another HBO drama, such as Succession or Barry. She’d make an excellent assassin.

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