Bigg Boss OTT Episode 2: Shamita Shetty loses her calm when Pratik Sehajpal misbehaves with her, Read here to know about their massive fight

Bigg Boss OTT

Bigg Boss OTT Episode 2: In every season there is always a contestant who loves to fight and argue with everyone without any reason, In this season that contestant is Pratik Sehajpal. He voluntarily comes forward and creates a topic to fight with almost everyone. He has been constantly fighting with Divya Agarwal and now he added Shamita Shetty to the list. On the premiere day itself, he did not leave anyone and argued with each and every contestant, be it passing rude comments, getting offended or arguing on stage.

He has not left anything. All the contestants except one or two are not able to tolerate his behaviour. Keep reading to know about his fight with Shamita and Divya.

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Bigg Boss OTT Episode 2: Shamita Shetty and Pratik Sehajpal’s massive fight

Pratik started picking fights when he was trying to assign duties to everyone. He asked Divya to do the utensils which offended her, she told him that he is not a captain and he should stop bossing around in the house as he was trying to give orders to everyone.

The fight took another level when Pratik made a comment about the food. He said that the food cooked at night should be finished at night only and not be left till the next day. Whoever is cooking the food should have an idea and cook accordingly and if they don’t have an idea they should ask about the quantity of the food that they are cooking according to 13 people.

This statement made by Pratik heated up Shamita and Divya. Shamita said, “We are not cooks (Bawarchis)”, We are cooking just to help everyone and it is all out of love. She also said, ‘we don’t cook food for 13 people daily, it was for the first time.’ We will get the idea in some time. This fight even triggered Karan Nath and Raqesh as they came in between to stop Pratik from poking them unnecessarily.

Shamita said, “You are misbehaving since the first day, you can’t get respect you don’t give it. There is a limit to your rudeness and arrogance. You should learn to talk to a woman and how to give respect.” Divya also calls him “ganda keeda.”

Shamita continued, “You don’t exist for me on this show now”, to which Pratik replied, “Who is Shamita Shetty? I don’t know you”

The fight continues until the task was announced by Bigg Boss OTT.

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