“Let’s start fresh”, Shamita asks Divya to give a new start to their friendship in the house after a huge fight


Shamita and Divya’s argument: In the Weekend episode, Karan Johar accused Divya Agarwal of back bitching about her so called Best Friend Shamita Shetty with the latter’s connection Raqesh, Johar called Divya “Home-wrecker” which offended her. Since then the two got heated up against each other and started blaming each other.

She was hurt as she did not expect this and suddenly a fight broke out between the two and she said that Divya is insecure of her. Both of them were at loggerheads and were ignoring each other but in a recent episode Raqesh tried to resolve the issue between the two but his efforts go in vain as the two ended up fighting again. Keep reading to know more.

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Shamita and Divya to give a fresh start to their friendship?

The two became best friends at the beginning of the season but things did not work well between the two and misunderstandings took another level and created a mess between their friendship. Karan Johar , on the other hand, spiced up the situation by accusing Divya that she has been talking and bitching about Shamita behind her back with the latter’s connection Raqesh Bapat.

It opened her eyes and she said that she never considered Divya as her Best friend and the latter is just insecure of her. Karan Johar also called Divya a Home-wrecker as she was back bitching about Shamita with Raqesh. She said, “I don’t care if Raqesh wants to make a connection with Divya.”

After the Weekend episode, both of them ignored each other and did not talk but In the recent episode, Raqesh tried to get the issue solved but the two argued again as Shamita insulted Divya saying that she has 20 years of experience. Divya left and Shamita asked Raqesh that why did he call Divya for this conversation which was not required.

However, later in the episode, Shamita took an initiative and went up to Divya. She asked her to start fresh and let bygones be bygones. But Divya was hurt with whatever was said to her and the names she was given. She told Shamita about the same and the latter replied saying that it is difficult for her also to forget things but she is trying to move on. Shamita further said that she is leaving things to her. Post which the actresses were seen cordial with each other.

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