Bigg Boss OTT: Shamita and Nishant give up on their family letters for their connections, Raqesh and Moose and get them saved from the nominations, Read here to know more


Shamita Shetty and Nishant Bhatt made a sacrifice for their connections Raqesh Bapat and Moose Jattana: Every week some contestants have to be nominated. This week Bigg Boss gave an emotional task for the nominations. Only one person from each connection could be saved. All the connections were called in the confession room to make their decision. There were letters that came from their families, one person from each connection could read it and get saved from the nominations, however, the other person had to tear the letter and get nominated. It was a tough decision as all the contestants get emotional when something from their family comes in the Bigg Boss house. Keep reading to know more.

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Shamita saves Raqesh and Nishant saves Moose from the nominations

Shamita Shetty teared up her letter as she wanted her connection Raqesh to get saved from the nominations. Raqesh was ready to nominate himself as he did not want Shamita to give up on her letter. When Raqesh was not listening to her, she directly teared her letter and threw it. Shamita got all emotional after sacrificing the letter from her family but she wanted to save Raqesh. He got emotional after reading his letter and hugged her.

Moose wanted to save Nishant and was ready to give up on her letter. She said if Nishant leaves she would not be able to survive in the game. She got emotional and did not want Nishant to get nominated. On the other hand, Nishant did not let this happen, he sacrificed his letter and saved Moose from the nominations. He told her, If it is written in his destiny to move ahead in the show, he will. He saved Moose and got himself nominated.

Millind and Akshara could not come on one decision so both of them gave up on their letters and got themselves nominated. Pratik and Neha were the boss man and boss lady of the house so they were already saved. Divya, who has no connection was already nominated. The saved contestants are Pratik, Neha, Moose and Raqesh. The boss couple got an opportunity so save one contestant, they saved Shamita. The viewers also had a chance to save one contestant, they saved Nishant. The nominated contestants are Divya, Millind and Akshara.

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