Ridhima loses her calm and lashes out at Pratik for constantly poking her, Read here to know more


Ridhima loses her temper on Pratik once again: Both the contestants are not getting well with each other and are having massive arguments on different occasions. Pratik is getting on Ridhima’s nerves and she is not able to tolerate him anymore. Earlier, the two got into a fight over the utensils duty when Pratik was the boss man of the house and he ordered her to do her duty and wash the utensils which offended her and she got into a spat with him. Keep reading to know the reason behind their massive fight in the recent episode.

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Ridhima’s mental breakdown after an argument with Pratik

After the argument over the utensil duty, In the recent episode Ridhima lost her temper and had a mental breakdown when Pratik commented about her medicine and said, “Jaake apni dawaai lo”, she got offended to this statement as it is a medical problem and Pratik has no right to comment on that. Pratik kept on poking and interrupting Ridhima and she could not take it anymore.

When Pratik said that Ridhima and Karan’s pair is “Kaamchor” she replied back and said “Tu kaamchor, tere gharwale kaamchor”, to this Pratik got offeneded and warned her not to go on his family. She said, “If you can go on my friend Divya’s family, I will also go on yours”, Pratik commented about Divya’s boyfriend, Varun Sood in an episode.

She said, if he will keep coming in between then how will she speak and keep her opinions in the show. She lost her cool and started screaming having a mental breakdown, she even cried in anger.

Pratik also got emotional and cried when Ridhima commented on his family. In yesterday’s episode, both of them cleared out things and the misunderstanding and resolved the issue by apologising to each other. Ridhima asked Pratik about his comment on her medicine that pinched her and Pratik said that he had no intention to hurt her and she took it in another way. They hugged each other and ended the huge fight.

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