Pratik Sehajpal and Zeeshan Khan get physical in a massive fight between the task, Read here to know the reason


Pratik and Zeeshan’s massive fight: Both the contestants have a winning spirit in them, they don’t give up on any task and give their best to win it. In the Domino task, the temperature of the house got all heated up as the two got into a huge fight which turned physical as they pushed each other. The housemates controlled them from being physical as it is not allowed in the show. Both lost their temper and lashed out at each other. Keep reading to know more about the fight.

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Pratik Sehajpal and Zeeshan Khan’s physical fight

After Pratik and Akshara got out of the task, he was supporting his friends Nishant and Moose but in the recent episode he was seen destroying the property of Bigg Boss. He also said that the Sanchalayks, Raqesh and Shamita does not know the rules and the task has not been performed fairly. He was throwing the task stations in the pool and did not want anyone to perform the task. He said, “This task is a waste.” When Raqesh Bapat tells him to calm down, Pratik says,

“Nobody is interested in the task, no one did it properly. Everyone has come here to eat, sleep and repeat. So do that.”

Raqesh replies saying that it doesn’t mean he can destroy Bigg Boss property.

When Pratik was trying to destroy the station, Zeeshan came in between to protect it, Pratik called him “Kele, Pappu” and instigated him. During the task, when he was trying to help his friends by destroying Zeeshan and Divya’s dominos, Pratik was poking Zeeshan and he pushed him back and then the fight got physical. They even threw ink on each other and both of them were boiling in anger. However, their connections, Akshara and Divya did not interfere in the fight. Raqesh and Shamita disqualified Nishant and Moose as Pratik was helping them despite being out of the game.

This is not the first fight between Pratik and Zeeshan. The two are on the loggerheads since the first day of the show and have had many arguments on various occasions.

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