Zeeshan Khan asked to leave the Bigg Boss Ott House? Read here to know the full story

Zeeshan Khan

Zeeshan Khan sent out of the house after he got physical in a fight with Pratik Sehajpal: The two did not get along well with each other since the very first day of the show. Both of them had continuous fights and arguments in the house on various occasions. They also had a massive fight earlier when Pratik was trying to destroy the task and was throwing the stations in the pool. Zeeshan got offensive and both started using inappropriate words for each other.

They also got physical in the previous fight, however, this time the ugliest fight broke out in the house in which the major rule of Bigg Boss was broken by the two of them.

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Zeeshan Khan evicted from Bigg Boss OTT House

Zeeshan Khan was evicted from the Bigg Boss OTT House after a massive fight in a task with his co-contestants Pratik Sehajpal and Nishant Bhatt. During the task, when Pratik and Nishant were not following the rules and were destroying the property, Zeeshan lost his calm and became violent with Nishant, he was snatching the flags from him and it was hurting Nishant, this incident offended Pratik and he became furious.

Millind Gaba and Moose Jattana were trying to stop the fight as they got extremely aggressive and were trying to hit each other. Zeeshan was constantly pushing Pratik as he was out of control. All the contestants were trying to stop him but he was not listening and continued pushing him.

The task was nullified by Bigg Boss as it turned into a physical fight. Later, Bigg Boss accused Zeeshan Khan, who was the Boss man for the week for breaking one of the major rules of the house. As physical fights are not acceptable on the show, Zeeshan was directly evicted and sent out of the house. Zeeshan’s connection, Divya was left in tears as she does not have anybody as her support in the house now.

After coming out of the house, Zeeshan Khan shared a post showing his wounds, the cuts and scratches that he got during the fight. Check it out below:

His fans are furious as they think it is an unfair decision because the fight was from both sides but only Zeeshan has been evicted and not Pratik.

Do you think this was a correct move?

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