“Either I’ll perform alone or ask Bigg Boss to change my partner”, Neha Bhasin and Millind Gaba’s connection comes to an end?


Neha and Millind’s massive argument: Both the contestants have a great connection with each other since day one and Sima Taparia also ranked their connection on number two but since few episodes things are not working so well between the two and they are having arguments on various occasions. However, in the recent episode Neha lashed out at Millind as he was interfering in her task and asked her to do it properly. Neha got offended and shouted at him and asked him to mind his tone. A huge fight broke out between them. Keep reading to know more about their fight during the Dominos task.

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Neha Bhasin and Millind Gaba’s fight during the task

Neha was drawing and painting the Domino during the task and while she was at it, Millind came over and said,

Acche se kariye, not the way you talk to me, aache se banaya hua that usko phir pange le rahe ho aap” (Do it properly, it was done well already, you are spoiling it)

Neha threw the domino and said, “Do hell with your game.” Meanwhile Shamita Shetty tried to calm the two with and asked Neha to finish the task and not give up like this.

However, the fight didn’t stop and became much more intense. During the argument, she yelled at him and said, “Watch your bloody tone with me” to which Millnd replied in the same tone, “Mind your words, keep your voice down”

“I will get out of this door but I will not play with him anymore”, said Neha as she was furious. The two had a good bond and were connecting well but their friendship is getting affected by heated arguments. Earlier this week, Neha told Milind that he has been judging her from the first day and she has been observing it. She also told him that he spends more time with Akshara Singh rather than with her.

Misunderstandings are happening between the two and things are not working well like earlier. Let’s see where this connection goes in the upcoming epiosdes.

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