Akshara loses her calm once again and pushes Zeeshan in an ugly fight, Read here to know more


Akshara and Zeeshan’s massive fight: New episode, new drama. After her argument with Shamita and Nishant, Akshara lost her calm once again with Zeeshan and got an anxiety attack. She has been calm and polite since the start but as the days are passing, she has started taking her stand and voicing over people who try to command her over anything. Recently, Zeeshan and Divya became the Boss man and Boss lady of the house and they had the responsibility of the house on them. Zeeshan asked Akshara to keep her bags in an organised manner, she took it as an order and got offended. Keep reading to know more about the fight.

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Akshara Singh and Zeeshan Khan’s ugly spat

The Bhojpuri star lost her temper and went out of control. She bursted in anger and got loud in her fight with Zeeshan. The fight started when the Boss couple, Divya and Zeeshan took an initiative to keep everyone’s stuff in an organised manner and clear the mess so that the house looks neat and tidy. All the contestants cooperated with them and arranged their stuff properly but Akshara did not bother to organise her stuff and acted tough. Zeeshan requested a couple of times to arrange her baskets of clothes but she did not pay heed to him and said that she is not in a mood to do it and she will do it later.

The two had the ugliest fight in the house till now. Akshara also made various strong statements,

“Ladki se baat karne ka tameez seekh,mera baap banne ki koshish maat karo” “Tere ghar mein maa behan nahi hai kya” “Tu hai kitne ka”

She continued to shout at Zeeshan and even hurt herself during the fight and blamed Zeeshan for the injury. She behaved unreasonable and asked Bigg Boss to call her to the confession room.

Millind Gaba, Nishant, Pratik and Moose all tried to calm her down, but all their efforts went in vain. Akshara also got physical with Zeeshan and pushed him. Zeeshan, who was also angry with Akshara’s behaviour, shot back at her and asked her not to play the woman’s card.
Later, Zeeshan even went up to Akshara and apologised to her if she felt that he was being bossy.

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