Akshara Singh loses her calm and screams after Nishant Bhatt passes a comment which heats her up, Read here to know more

Akshara Singh

Akshara Singh loses her temper in a massive argument with Nishant Bhatt: Each episode brings with it another level of fights and arguments. After Pratik, Divya and Shamita’s fights, now Akshara lost her control and lashed out at Nishant. In the recent episode, Akshara Singh bursted out in anger and screamed at everyone expressing his feeling of anger and disappointment. She was tolerating and being nice with everyone but not anymore, Boss lady, Akshara Singh has taken her real form. Keep reading to know more.

Akshara Singh breaks down in anger

The fight started when Zeeshan denied to chop the vegetables as he wanted to chop according to what has to be cooked. Nishant and Urfi did not decide the menu for the day so Zeeshan said that he won’t chop until they tell him about the menu. They told him that are not able to come up with the menu and the quantity. Akshara said that it should be done with everyone’s understanding and nobody should be forced for anything.

Akshara Singh was being polite with everyone since the first day. She did not react to Moose’s comment earlier and solved it with her by forgiving her but she could not tolerate any misbehaviour with her anymore, she took everything out of herself in anger and bursted at Nishant’s comment when he said,

“Aapko jahan bolne ki zaroorat hoti hai waha toh app bolte nahi ho”(You don’t speak where it is required), this statement made Akshara go furious and she shouted back at him saying, “Aap nahi batayege mujhe kab kya bolna hai, main captain hun, kuch bhi bol sakti hun” (You don’t have to tell me where to speak, I am the captain, I will speak where ever I want to).

Nishant asked Akshara not to interfere in the Kitchen matter. Akshara said, “Nobody tell me what to speak, I also come from a good and educated family, I am from Up Bihar but I also know how to speak english”

The argument kept on going as Akshara lost her temper completely and started screaming at everyone. Neha, Millind and a few other contestants tried to calm her down but she did not listen to anyone and asked everyone to give her some space as she has a high blood pressure problem.

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