Tejasswi Prakash acted of getting chocked for the task, this “fake” medical room acting left the viewers disappointed, Read here to know more

Tejasswi Prakash

Tejasswi Prakash’s acting in the Captaincy task: Bigg Boss announced the captaincy task for the week. There were 2 teams, team A and team B. Team A included Pratik, Nishant, Tejasswi, Miesha, Simba and Rajiv whereas Team B included Vishal, Ieshaan, Umar, Akasa, Jay and Afsana. Karana and Shamita were the Sanchalaks of the task. One team had to stay inside the alphabets and the other team had to torture them and try to take them out of the alphabets. On day one, Team B was inside the alphabets and team A tried to torture them so that they come out of the alphabet.

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Tejasswi Prakash’s acting of getting choked left viewers with mixed reactions

After trying hard, team A could not get any contestant from team B out of the alphabets. Therefore, Nishant and Tejasswi planned a strategy to get at least one person out. Nishant asked Tejasswi to fake a chocking problem. Simba puts a lot of powder on Afsana. She hits back and threw powder at them. Tejasswi started coughing after some powder goes inside her mouth. She demanded medical attention. Karan carried her inside. Inside the house, Tejasswi told Karan she is fine and had been acting.

They plan that they should call Umar as he is a doctor by profession. Rajiv went to Umar and asked him to come out and help Tejasswi. However, Afsana and everyone warn him that its fake. Jay got disappointed with this acting. Later, Tejasswi Prakash said sorry to Karan and said she was wrong in faking about getting choked due to powder thrown at her by Afsana. Karan told her that it scared him. The two are seen connecting with each other since a few days and viewers are liking their cute bond.

Twitter Reactions on Tejasswi Prakash’s acting

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